How has LOOP helped you in your business?

Loop has allowed me to keep in touch with my clients via their highly personalized fantastic newsletters even when time doesn’t permit me to personally do so. Additionally they have helped with making my company website much more user friendly and for a change, I have actually received enquiries through our contact form when prospects check our website which never happened before.

Did you have any doubts when you first started?

I have seen many newsletters/automated emails from various companies which made me doubt the effectiveness of the newsletter. Additionally my previous experience with marketing companies that I had engaged whether with sales copies/my website or any other marketing campaign has been disappointing with little to no results.

Loop’s initial price point for the newsletters and frequency of just once a month together with their idea of keeping in touch with current clients via a personalized newsletter prompted me to go for it.

How do you like working with LOOP team?

I really like working with them, they are friendly, warm and effective with the advise they provide and super responsive.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking if he/she should embark on LOOP?

When you are trying marketing initiatives for your company, it is extremely important to engage a company/individual who knows what they are doing and can execute accordingly.

LOOP definitely know what they are doing and are proactive with the execution as well.

Highly recommended.

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