How has LOOP helped you in your business?

Through Loop, I was able to keep in touch with active clients and reconnect with some that had grown cold through the years. Through the newsletters, I was able to value add to my clients by sharing relevant financial topics.

Did you have any doubts when you first started?

Of course, I had my doubts! But after some discussion with the LOOP team,  it became clearer on how email marketing will work for me. So far, the LOOP team that has assisted me a lot in the creation of my monthly content. They also helped me to craft out topics based on a 6 months’ timeline. This helps me to reach out to my audience at the right time in the right season with the right topics.

How do you like working with LOOP team?

I like working with the LOOP team. They are genuine and sincere in seeing me succeed with my newsletters. They also will go the extra mile to “nag” at me to make calls to clients who had shown interests through the click-through data.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking if he/she should embark on LOOP?

Give it a try to enhance your value to your clients. We only have so much time in a day (for sales agents), so we need to leverage on professional expertise to do the marketing for us. For me,

I think it’s money well spent to stay connected to our assets – clients.