How has LOOP helped you in your business? 

For right now, I receive positive feedback on my newsletters. 
My contacts say they love reading my newsletters. They feel involved and contact me to catch up. For the August newsletter, we embedded a product and I received a query wanting to buy. A few even forwarded my email to their friends.

Did you have any doubts when you first started? 

Yes, I did. I do not read emails myself as I received lots of junk mail.

What prompted you to start?

I decided to give LOOP a chance to prove to me that email marketing works. I also wanted to market myself.

How do you like working with LOOP team?

Both Marxk and Christine are friendly. Christine is able to give me ideas when I have none and she and her team write beautifully that evoke one’s emotion.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking if he/she should embark on LOOP?

Give LOOP a chance to prove you wrong. 😆 I am not sure if Christine and her team are able to assimilate one’s personality but they definitely managed to write with my personality and got my customers to respond to my newsletters.