How has LOOP helped you in your business?

The periodic newsletter engagement has added value to the recipients and kept the connection between us ongoing.

Did you have any doubts when you first started?

Yes, wasn’t sure what would be the tangible results.

How do you like working with LOOP team?

I like that the fairy godmother can read my mind!
That’s cos she takes the effort to understand my biz direction, clientele and biz philosophy. She is quick to understand and always proposes timely and on-point content for the newsletters. What I like most is there’s no-hand-holding required, Loop doesn’t require me to provide content and is able to pick out the important highlights to share w my readers.

What would you say to someone whether to start on LOOP?

Go for it!

Rachel runs Expense Concierge and she provides personalised cash flow management solution to help busy professionals start or accelerate their journey towards their financial goal, so that they can be financially independent.

Apart from cash flow, Rachel utilises Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching to work on any limiting beliefs, evaluate your mindset and relationship with money. This provides clarity and focus in your financial goals and propels you towards achieving them.​

Rachel believe in giving back to the society and this guides our working principles. Her approach in helping our clients achieve their financial goal is unconventional such that she doesn’t sell them investment ideas. Rather her focus is on helping them recognise the nature of their cashflows, rethink about their priorities and bringing out the maximum efficiency from their existing financial resources. In that process, the improvement in her client’s financial well-being is her biggest motivator.