How has LOOP helped you in your business?

I started on LOOP about 15 months ago. Initially, I was a little apprehensive on how a simple e-newsletter was able to improve my business. I was a young adviser, in the business for about 4 years but was finding ways on how to stay and keep connected with my growing pool of clients. Sure, I can easily drop by 5 houses, delivering thank you notes and small cakes but it started to wear me out.


That was when I met Marx and Christine who told me about this simple idea and we kickstarted. My clients took a while to get “adjusted” to this new platform but within 2-3 months, many of them came back with great comments on how they “felt” the real me even though I wasn’t in touch with them too frequently ( We also wouldn’t want to appear stalkerish, do we )


I was amazed at how really small – and unnoticeable things such as the phrasing of your words, the tone that you use, content and even to the pictures all come together to form a brand image. Within 3 months, Christine was able to help me relate to my audience. It is important to keep tabs on the open rate especially in the first few months, thereafter you can pretty much leave it to them. 

Through the newsletter in the past 15 months, my re-purchase and referral rate has improved. I do have clients whom I thought will never buy, come back for a second order and even clients who send me personal messages after reading my emails.

But you have to be patient. One cannot expect overnight results as it is through a mix of interaction with you on whether people remember you or not.

Did you have any doubts when you first started? What prompted you to start?

I was already on the lookout for client retention strategies but needed something more substantial that I can execute within limited energy.

How do you like working with LOOP team?

You will enjoy popping by their very comfortable office for a chat. Marxk and Christine are both really personable and they strive to improve your business genuinely. They have given me lots of value and insights on how I can bring my business further and I am glad to have met them 


What would you say to someone who’s thinking if he/she should embark on LOOP?

Being an entrepreneur is all about taking chances, you can’t be 100% sure on whether this or that will work, just have to give it a try and stay positive. Persevere through the pilot stage and you will see results! Always communicate with the LOOP team and you will really enjoy this branding platform.