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Small Business Owners, Salespeople, Coaches, and Consultants need better marketing support at pricing that they can afford. They are also incredibly busy which is why we adopt a 100% DO-IT-4-U process so you can leave the technical stuff to the experts and focus on what you do best – your business.


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Stories Sell,
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Mike Yuen
Financial Adviser


Melanie Tan
Life Coach

LOOP Stories – Melanie Tan

LOOP Stories – Melanie Tan

I needed a way to stay connected with the many people that I met over the years and also with my existing customers. I am surprised that people do respond. I am glad I started Loop early in my entrepreneurship days, because the process of writing the emails helped me refine the way I do my business.

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Sulochana Uthirapathi
Immigration Specialist

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Build your marketable database 

Scale up – Sensibly

Your monthly emails are only the beginning. The LOOP team has the skills and tools to help you with multiple facets of sales and marketing. Once your database is responding positively, your LOOP team will guide you on scaling and maximising your ROI.

Inbound Lead Generation

Having a steady flow of inbound leads is a sure way of getting better sleep at night—no more waiting and guessing.

Sales Multiplier

Booking links, Follow up email templates, Email Sequences and much more—all the tools you need to superpower your sales activities. Training included.

Manage Lifetime Value

We all know that most clients will buy a couple of times over their lifetime with you. Now you can measure and understand how that works—no more shortchanging on attribution.