Keeping you and your customers in the LOOP  

Founded in 2018 by a pair of friends with 40 years of combined experience in sales and the financial services industry, LOOP’s core mission was to help financial advisers in Singapore stay engaged with their clients through a monthly newsletter. Eventually, LOOP grew to be a key marketing asset for Advisers, Coaches, Consultants, and Small Business Owners alike.

Our Mission

We understand that solopreneurs such as coaches, consultants, and small business owners can be easily overwhelmed with the responsibilities of running a business. This is why we’re here — to be the extension of your marketing team, and help you to get return on investment with your core email programme via our SaaS platform.

Our Vision

Conventional wisdom has it that effective marketing requires a grand budget. However, we believe that marketing can be accessible and affordable, yet effective, for anyone.

Our Philosophy

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work and time to nail a winning marketing strategy. And with small, consistent disciplines, great achievements will come.

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