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Business owners and Sales Professionals need to stay engaged with their contacts. The level of engagement impacts the number of inbound leads and referrals.

The Highest Quality emails
you will never write

We can write your emails

Professional copywriters on the LOOP team can help you with your emails. Give them the key points of your email and they’ll craft and send your email for you.


Stories Sell, 
Check out these LOOP stories

LOOP Stories – Melanie Tan

LOOP Stories – Melanie Tan

I needed a way to stay connected with the many people that I met over the years and also with my existing customers. I am surprised that people do respond. I am glad I started Loop early in my entrepreneurship days, because the process of writing the emails helped me refine the way I do my business.

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LOOP Stories – Ray Weng

LOOP Stories – Ray Weng

Through Loop, I was able to keep in touch with active clients and reconnect with some that had grown cold through the years. Through the newsletters, I was able to value add to my clients by sharing relevant financial topics.

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LOOP Stories – Lydia Nah

LOOP Stories – Lydia Nah

I was amazed at how really small – and unnoticeable things such as the phrasing of your words, the tone that you use, content and even to the pictures all come together to form a brand image.

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we know you got questions

Check out this FAQ

How much does LOOP cost?

LOOP is priced from the heart. Our basic program starts as low as SGD 19.90  per month.

I don't have a big database... Can I still use LOOP?

The size of the database plays a lesser role in the LOOP program. The smallest database we have is just 20 contacts. 

Can I use a database I purchased?

No No No

LOOP is a strictly NO SPAMMING platform